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Commonly Used C++ Header Files and Their Corresponding Library Functions:

Posted in C++ Programming

Here is a table that lists some commonly used C++ header files and their corresponding library functions:

Header File Library Functions
iostream cin, cout, cerr, clog
iomanip setw, setprecision, setfill
fstream ifstream, ofstream, fstream
string getline, substr, find, replace
vector push_back, pop_back, at, size
algorithm sort, max_element, min_element, binary_search
cmath sqrt, sin, cos, tan
ctime time, localtime, mktime, strftime
cstdio printf, scanf, fopen, fclose
cstdlib rand, srand, malloc, free
cstring strcpy, strcat, strlen, strcmp
chrono system_clock, duration, time_point, now
thread thread, join, detach, yield
mutex mutex, lock, try_lock, unlock


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